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Understanding energy systems at a system-wide level means recognizing the countless ways that they integrate into our daily lives. From the instant when an energy source is first captured, to the moment you access it by flipping a light switch or starting your engine, it has traveled through a system to reach you. Systems modeling allows us to identify and quantify each step along the way, to simulate the impact of alternative systems, and to predict the potential consequences of change.

System-wide analysis and modeling will never provide a guaranteed forecast of the future, but it can identify possible benefits and disadvantages to change, highlight areas requiring additional study, and help us to consider the viability of an entirely new energy future.

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Over seven years, Future Energy Systems plans to support more than 100 researchers and up to 1,000 Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. To learn more about our researchers, visit the Researcher Directory.