Our Principles

From the time it is generated to the moment we use it, energy flows through a system that has shaped our environment, economy and society for centuries. This system is undergoing a necessary transition, and that complex truth matters to us all.

Future Energy Systems unites world leading researchers to address this transition and help shape the future of energy. Four fundamental principles guide our work.

Build knowledge. New energy systems will alter many fundamental truths of our world. Our research must develop ideas and technologies that reshape our relationship with energy and address their impacts upon our environment, economy and society.

Build understanding. Energy matters to people in all walks of life around the world. The knowledge derived from our research must be accessible so it can inform decisions everywhere, from labs to legislatures to living rooms. 

Build community. Energy systems cross every academic, political and social divide. Our program must break through these barriers and promote a collaborative approach to understanding the importance of energy transition to all our lives.   

Build skills. Today’s research forms the foundation for tomorrow’s discoveries and decisions. We must support our researchers and trainees as they enhance their skills so they can build upon those foundations and shape our energy systems far into the future.