One of our most familiar energy sources...

Wind has powered human societies for centuries, milling grain, pumping water, and driving ships around the globe. In recent years, maturing technologies have enabled the same resource to generate electricity, and contribute significantly to the energy needs of numerous countries. However, the challenges of harnessing wind remain: it is an ever-changing force, and its cycles often do not align with our demands.

Effectively integrating wind into our grids and markets requires both technologies and an economic system that can accommodate these variations in supply. Understanding the special challenges of harnessing wind power in the Canadian north will be a specific priority.


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Energy Talks shares learning on current affairs

Energy Talks shares learning on current affairs

By: Catherine Tays

Jul 30, 2020

Finding common ground on climate change

Finding common ground on climate change

By: Kenneth Tam, Catherine Tays

Jul 27, 2020

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