Research Proposals

Apply for Research Funding

On an ongoing basis, unless otherwise specified, Future Energy Systems will accept proposals for the following types of research projects:

1. Project for recently appointed University of Alberta faculty (2020 or later)

New members of faculty can be supported for up to three years if appointed in 2022, two years if appointed in 2021, and one year if appointed in 2020. The proposed research must align with one or more of the areas described here.

For detailed information about criteria, process, and timelines, click here.

Start your application process by filling out the recently appointed faculty Notice of Intent form. Following review, successful Notice of Intent applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal.

2. Future Energy Systems - Global Research Initiative Sustainable Energy Systems Grand Challenge

Joint application to the University of Alberta and University of Calgary CFREF programs’ FES-GRI Sustainable Energy Systems Grand Challenge, is open to all members of faculty at the University of Alberta who have engaged a collaborator at the University of Calgary. Research funded through this joint program should yield scientific publications, patents, commercialization, and HQP training, and can potentially seed new funding after the current CFREF funding for FES and GRI has ended. The teams developed can form the basis for a sustainable inter-institutional legacy of the FES and GRI programs.

For detailed information about criteria, process, and timelines, click here.

If you want to participate in this challenge, contact FES Director Anne Naeth ( and GRI Director Ian Gates ( to express interest as soon as possible. An introductory meeting or other line of communication will be scheduled to discuss ideas and launch the next phase of scoping. Please copy both Sam Ferraz ( and Jessica Tink ( on your message.

3. Project for all University of Alberta faculty

Future Energy Systems will issue targeted calls for funding applications when they are needed in specific categories of research.

Future Energy Systems accepts expressions of interest in all areas of energy systems on an ongoing basis to maintain awareness of important research and collaboration opportunities that it may be able to help fund or find partners for. Email FES at (