Unlimited energy from within the Earth...

Canada’s geoscape possesses more potential geothermal energy than hydrocarbon energy, but numerous challenges must be overcome if this renewable resource is to be effectively harnessed. Reservoirs of geothermal energy must be located, characterized, and modeled.

The nature of the interaction between rock at reservoir sites and geothermal fluids must be understood, and the potential costs of exploiting them in real-world scenarios must be understood. At the same, new engine technologies must be developed to enable generation of power from geothermal heat sources with non-ideal temperatures.

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Researchers on Geothermal

Over seven years, Future Energy Systems plans to support more than 100 researchers and up to 1,000 Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. To learn more about our researchers, visit the Researcher Directory.