The Energy Adventures of Tommy and Remi

Explore Energy with the Dynamic Duo!

Future Energy Systems is proud to present The Energy Adventures of Tommy and Remi, an educational children's book series. 

Tommy and Remi, energy adventurers, explore the world of energy and climate change in search of ways to make a difference.

In their debut adventure, The Mystery of the Glowing Light, they charge into the shocking world of electricity and the electrical grid. With the help of their science consultant Reginald and new friend Nik, they learn how electricity is generated and transmitted all the way into their homes. They also learn how they can reduce how much electricity they use!

The Mystery of the Glowing Light

Bring Tommy and Remi to Your School or Library

The creative team behind The Energy Adventures of Tommy and Remi are happy to engage with teachers and classrooms and share the adventure!

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