Energy in a Flash

FES Lightning Research Speaker Series

Your work matters! Help us share it with a public audience including community members, government representatives, industry stakeholders, and other researchers. Starting in 2021, Future Energy Systems is launching a new digital speaker series entitled Energy in a Flash

A Complex Energy System

We often think of our energy system in binary terms: renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources. Though an energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions is necessary to change our current climate trajectory and allow for future prosperity, this binary perspective does not capture the true complexity of the systems our world relies on to function.

Whether from traditional hydrocarbon sources, nuclear power, or renewables like hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass, all energy sources are part of our energy systems. We must address the systems that connect each energy source to our daily lives. We must answer fundamental and applied technical questions about energy generation, uses, transportation, and regulation; and environmental, economic, and societal impacts of these aspects of our energy system. 

If we are to achieve future prosperity and growth in our energy system, our current research needs to reflect this vast, interconnected web. Future Energy Systems proudly supports research from across the energy landscape, to prompt innovation in all fields that relate to energy. Broadly speaking, we can simplify this complex system into four broad categories:

  • Energy generation, harvesting, and production 
  • Transport, storage, and access
  • Use, impact, and regulation
  • Monitoring, management, and mitigation

Through our Energy in a Flash Lightning Research Speaker Series, we will explore all four of these categories, and see how broad and diverse our energy systems truly are.

The Basics

Each project within the FES portfolio will submit at least one 3-5 minute video highlighting, in brief, the work of a student or post-doctoral fellow. Videos will follow a standard format (guidelines below) and will be processed by the FES Communications team. Multiple videos from each project are allowed and encouraged.

Beginning in January 2021, new videos will be uploaded regularly to the FES YouTube channel, website, and social media, and be shared with relevant stakeholders. All FES-funded research teams are expected to participate, so we recommend you get started today!

Development of an Energy in a Flash presentation will help foster and practice effective presentation, communication, and video skills, applicable both to academic work and to future professional engagements with varied public audiences. Guidance and mentorship will be provided to all participants by the FES communications team.