Heavy Oil - In-Situ

Working within the reservoir...

According to the 2015-2016 factbook published by Natural Resources Canada, Canada is ranked third and fifth in crude oil reserves and production in the world. Also, fossil (oil, gas, coal) energy production comprises 85% of total energy production in Canada today and nearly half of it is crude oil (42%).

Extensive experience has been accumulated in this area at UAlberta. Problems have been well identified and solutions have been proposed through intensive research and service projects over decades with close relationship to industry. This also attracted companies from outside of Canada seeking solutions to their problems on in-situ recovery of heavy-oil. Being familiar with the problems in the area, and future needs, UAlberta can provide long-term solutions.

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Researchers on Heavy Oil - In-Situ

Over seven years, Future Energy Systems plans to support more than 100 researchers and up to 1,000 Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. To learn more about our researchers, visit the Researcher Directory.