Seminar Series

Exploring Energy Systems

The Exploring Energy Systems webinar series introduced different aspects of energy systems through a holistic lens and featuring diverse experts representing a broad cross-section of the energy systems landscape. Each session examined a basic question or component critical to understanding our energy systems, both in their current form and how they might or should develop in the future.

Watch the entire series, including selected clips, in this playlist:

North American Energy Dialogues

The energy markets of Canada, the United States, and Mexico are becoming increasingly interdependent as physical infrastructure and commodities trade continues to grow across North America.

The University of Alberta, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Tecnologico de Monterrey, are leading research-intensive universities in their respective countries, each possessing strong energy focused expertise.

The three universities are uniquely positioned to create a platform that enables discussion and analysis on energy policy, through a North American perspective. These webinars will include insights from experts from the three countries as well as perspectives from government, academia, industry, and think tanks.

Seminar 1: North American Energy Policy post COVID-19: Perspectives from Canada, the United States and Mexico

Seminar 2: The Mexican Energy Landscape: Perspectives from Canada, the United States and Mexico

Seminar 3: How Biden's Energy/Environmental Policy Could Impact US-Mexico-Canada Energy Trade

Seminar 4: Industrial Decarbonization & the Role of CCUS: a Canadian Outlook

Seminar 5: Accelerating the Net-Zero Transition: Can CCUS support keep pace?

Seminar 6: The Future of Oil and Gas in the Age of Decarbonization