Canadian Renewable Energy Project Map

About this Map

The research team from the project Measuring Costs and Benefits of Energy Transitions has compiled this database of renewable energy projects in Canada. More information can be found by clicking each project.

Data from the map can be downloaded directly through the Tableau interface (second button from the bottom right). Filters applied to the map will affect the data download (for instance, if you choose to view only privately-owned projects in Alberta on the map, data for only those projects will be part of the download).

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Report: Community Energy in Western Canada

Community Energy in Western Canada: Insights from case studies on small-scale renewable energy development

Authors: Andrea Miller, Sonak Patel, Carter Gorzitza, John R. Parkins
73 Pages, June 2019

With advances in renewable energy technology, decentralized and community scale energy projects are becoming more common. Rural and remote communities have unique interests in renewable energy as a source of revenue and a cost-saving measure to alleviate dependencies on more expensive alternatives. Other communities are interested in renewable energy as a component of sustainability objectives or as an opportunity to demonstrate innovation. Given these motivations, community energy is gaining interest. In this report, we define community energy and provide brief descriptions of 26 community energy projects in western Canada. Additionally, the report provides more detail on five community projects that include solar, wind, hydroelectricity, biogas, and geothermal technologies. The report highlights the design of community projects with attention to scale, ownership structures and links to community strategic plans. Case studies also illustrate challenges including economic sustainability and resistance to decentralized energy production from larger energy providers.

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Citation: Miller, A., Patel, S., Gorzitza, C., Parkins, J.R. 2019. Community Energy in Western Canada: Insights from case studies on small-scale renewable energy development. Edmonton, AB: Future Energy Systems, University of Alberta.

Community Renewable Energy Case Studies

A presentation by graduate students Andrea Miller and Sonak Patel at the 2019 Student and Post-Doctoral Fellow Colloquium.