Charge Up for an Energy Adventure!

Go on an energy adventure at Telus World of Science!

Join University of Alberta energy systems researchers to explore the energizing world around us.

Energy! Climate change! The environment! Do you wonder how it all works? 

Tommy and Remi, the Energy Adventurers, are ready to lead you on a journey to explore the energizing world around us! Spend a day at Telus World of Science with University of Alberta researchers and get hands on with energy activities that teach us about the ways we power our daily lives! Explore sources of electricity, learn about land reclamation, practice sustainability and more as researchers guide you through fun experiments, crafts, and activities suitable for kids and families. 

May 13, 2023
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Telus World of Science Edmonton
11211 142 Street NW

Explore the energy all around you! Does your electricity come from the sun, wind, fossil fuels, or something else - find out in "Where Is My Electricity From?" Can you use a balloon to move items - find out in "Shocking Static Electricity." What small changes can you make in your life to reduce your footprint - find out in "Sustainability Actions." 

Get creative with energy! Join researchers, students, and more as we explore energy in "Draw Our Energy Future" where you become part of the vision of our future and "Drawing STEAM" where we use shapes to create characters, sources of energy, and more.

Energy and technology are linked in so many ways. From using modelling to explore placement and connecting of geothermal wells in "Modelling and geothermal Energy" TO exploring different kinds of fuel and how to produce green hydrogen in "The Power of Green Hydrogen" TO use of bacteria to produce needed products in "The Power of Bacteria: Methanotrophs." 


If you are interested in attending, but the cost is prohibitive, please contact to discuss options.


This event is part of NSERC Science Odyssey, Canada’s biggest festival of science and technology. With over 1,000 activities for explorers of all ages, it's easy and fun to craft your own odyssey and explore which areas of science and tech are most exciting to you.