Multifunctional lightweight metallic coatings for sustainable energy generation systems in cold climates

This project involves the development of novel multifunctional, lightweight coatings for wear, erosion and ice resistant wind turbine blades operating under Canadian cold-climate conditions, remote Indigenous communities, and off-shore locations. The coatings can be applied on leading edges of wind turbine blades to prevent both surface erosion due to the impingement of solid particles (e.g., sand, dust, ash, hard rime or clear ice), adhesion of water droplets or ice, or ice formation on the surface. The lightweight coatings and the improved wear resistance will significantly reduce the payloads of the blades, which in turn, will support reduction of ~860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. To achieve this, we will develop high-strength, wear resistant high entropy alloy coatings with capabilities for high heat load energy generation. The project’s objectives are in line with the design of energy systems for minimal environmental impact.