Development of a Distributed Energy Management Initiative (DEMI)

This project aims to collaborate with Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), ATCO, and Siemens, this is part of the project of Distributed Energy Management Initiative (DEMI). It aims to leverage the research capability at the University of Alberta as well as the research facilities at different partners to support Alberta businesses and utilities as they develop and deploy innovative solutions in today’s smart grids with high percentage of power electronics enabled renewable energy, more efficient loads, energy storages, thereby helping Alberta transition to a low carbon electricity grid. The focus of this project on life cycle assessment of technologies developed under DEMI. 

A look into Canada’s future electricity grid greenhouse gas emissions factors

Amit Kumar, Ankit Gupta, Matthew Davis

Conference/Symposium/Workshop Contribution

Assessment of renewable energy transition pathways for a fossil fuel-dependent electricity-producing jurisdiction

Amit Kumar, Matthew Davis

Scholarly Refereed Journal

Developing a framework to assess the long-term environmental consequences of the transition to cleaner electricity generation: the case of Alberta

Amit Kumar, Tanveer Mehedi, Matthew Davis, Eskinder Gemechu

Conference/Symposium/Workshop Contribution

NSERC/Cenovus/Alberta Innovates Associate Industrial Chair Program in Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering.

Amit Kumar

Research Report

Quantitative Assessment of GHG and Water Footprints for Energy Scenarios.

Amit Kumar, Ankit Gupta, Matthew Davis

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