Diversifying the Renewable Energy Portfolio with Double Perovskite PV Materials

Our team explores prospective materials that can meet the challenges facing the global energy demand for future generations.  We specialize in investigating atomic-level structure and dynamics of advanced functional materials ranging including energy storage and creation. Perovskites are emerging materials that have shown unique physical properties that can be tailored as efficient photovoltaic materials including solar cell applications. Using complementary long- (XRD) and short-range (solid-state NMR) structural methods to unravel the complex atomic level ordering the delivers these functions we are developing new double perovskite high-efficiency, low cost energy alternatives that will diversify the Alberta and Canadian economies.

C3N5: A Low Bandgap Semiconductor Containing an Azo-linked Carbon Nitride Framework for Photocatalytic, Photovoltaic and Adsorbent Applications

Karthik Shankar, Ujwal Thakur, Pawan Kumar, Kazi Alam, Ehsan Vahidzadeh, Najia Mahdi, Vladimir Michaelis, Guy Bernard

Scholarly Refereed Journal

Composition-Tunable Formamidinium Lead Mixed Halide Perovskites via Solvent-Free Mechanochemical Synthesis: Decoding the Pb Environments Using Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Karthik Shankar, Vladimir Michaelis, Michelle Ha, Abhoy Karmakar

Scholarly Refereed Journal

Cu(II)-Doped CS2SbAgCl6 Double Perovskite: A Lead-Free, Low-Bandgap Material

Vladimir Michaelis, Abhoy Karmakar

Scholarly Refereed Journal

Mechanochemical synthesis of 0D and 3D cesium lead mixed halide perovskites

Abhoy Karmakar

Scholarly Refereed Journal