Tays, Catherine
  • Title

    Research Communications Coordinator

  • Faculty

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • 1st place - 3MT presentation - Biological Sciences
  • 2nd place Best Poster - CSChE Conference 2017
  • A multi-level “-omics” approach to the study of the growth regulation of methanotrophs
  • A multi-level “-omics” approach to the study of the growth regulation of methanotrophs. Future Energy Systems Research Symposium.
  • Bacterial methane bioconversions
  • Bioconversion of methane emissions into biofuels and biofuel precursors
  • Certificate of Teaching Innovation (CTI) Award
  • Combined effects of carbon and nitrogen source to optimize growth of proteobacterial methanotrophs
  • Energy Talk: New Year, New Tech
  • FES Student Profile article
  • Future Energy Systems (FES) Resilient Reclaimed Land and Water Systems Workshop
  • Growth Characterization and Transcriptomics of Methanotrophic Bacteria as Effected by Carbon and Nitrogen Sources
  • Impact of substrates on development of industrial processes for methylotrophs.
  • Introductory microbiology demonstration
  • Letter of Commendation for Excellence in Teaching
  • Optimizing methanotroph bioproduction through growth strategies and strain adaptation
  • Optimizing methanotroph biotechnology through growth strategies and strain adaptation.
  • Paranchych Graduate Fund in Microbiology
  • Peers in Research Communication (PIRC) Group
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral level
  • Spinning up electric buses
  • Substrate-dependent growth variability across model methanotrophic strains
  • Three-Minute Theses Workshop
  • Turning green house gases into green products - 3MT competition
  • Turning Greenhouse Gases into Green Products