Bitumen-­Solvent Product Cleaning

One of the challenges for a feasible NAE process is that the final extracted bitumen product is free of water and mineral/clay solids so that it can be used as refinery feed.

This project is a systematic investigation of various physical and chemical methods aimed at cleaning up the NAE bitumen from oil sands to meet this target while maintaining high bitumen recovery.

Attendance of CSChE conference

Juan Darius


Bitumen-solvent product cleaning

Tony Yeung, Juan Darius


Hydrothermal partial upgrading: Year 1 status

Arno De Klerk, Sowmya Turuga, Natalia Montoya, Joao Felipe Pereira Bassane


Probing Molecular Interactions of Bitumen-coated Mineral Solids in Organic Solvents

Qi Liu, Xiaoli Tan, Hongbo Zeng, Jing Liu


Probing the Surface Forces in Bitumen Extraction using a Bubble Probe AFM

Hongbo Zeng, Lei Xie


Removal of Fine Solids from Bitumen by Polymer Flocculants during Non-aqueous Extraction of Oil Sands

Qi Liu, Xiaoli Tan, Hongbo Zeng, Jing Liu


Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Intermolecular Forces and Interfacial Science

Hongbo Zeng


In-Situ Hot Filtration of Hydrothermally Upgraded Bitumen Products

Qi Liu, Xiaoli Tan, Qiang Chen


Probing the Interaction Mechanism between Air Bubbles and Bitumen Surfaces in Aqueous Media Using Bubble Probe Atomic Force Microscopy

Qi Liu, Hongbo Zeng, Lei Xie

Scholarly Refereed Journal