Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Advancing the application of bio-oils by co-processing with petroleum intermediates: A review
  • Destabilization of Bitumen-coated Fine Solids in Organic Media Induced by Water-assisted Biomolecule Flocculants Extracted from Guar Beans
  • Influence of methanol addition on bio-oil thermal stability and corrosivity
  • Probing Molecular Interactions of Bitumen-coated Mineral Solids in Organic Solvents
  • Removal of Fine Solids from Bitumen by Polymer Flocculants during Non-aqueous Extraction of Oil Sands
  • Removal of hydrophobic bitumen-coated fine solids from bitumen using water droplets with amphiphilic chemicals during non-aqueous extraction of oil sands
  • The Thermal Stability and Corrosivity of Bio-oil with Methanol Addition
  • Understanding the Interfacial Behaviors and Molecular Interaction Mechanisms of Asphaltenes Using Experimental and Theoretical Methods