Future Energy Systems: Documentary & Intermedia

The iDoc Project involves the research, preparation and production of complementary media assets (e.g. video interviews, audio, and other documentary content) appropriate for a range of audiences. iDoc is focused on the 14 themes and 45+ teams working under the banner of the Future Energy Systems Canada First Research Excellence Fund 
at the University of Alberta. iDoc puts that research into context by speaking to policy makers, activists, and community members, to further unpack what ideas about current and future societies and energy system are guiding the already ongoing energy transition. What are the energy systems of the future? How will communities organize politically, economically, and socially around these energy forms and systems? What decisions are being made in the present that are shaping those futures? Who is making those decisions and why? What other voices and perspectives should be contributing to these discussions if we want the design of our future communities to be driven by energy and climate justice for all?
iDoc officially launched at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Climate and Cities Conference, March 5-7, 2018.
For more information on iDoc, see the project website at http://idocenergyfutures.ca/