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Kroon, Ariel


Ariel Kroon is a PhD candidate in the department of English and film studies at the University of Alberta. Her research looks at post-apocalyptic fiction published in Canada between 1948 and 1989, analyzing the imagination of crisis and disaster from an ecological standpoint. She is in the process of evaluating these texts, both francophone and anglophone, as the grounds of an alternate imaginary, one inflected by authors' struggles with gendered identity, colonial rule, environmental consciousness, cultural continuance, and the ever-present threat of a nuclear apocalypse despite not being a major world power. She has published academic work in the journal of Canadian Literature, and her poetry appears in Glass Buffalo and several chapbooks. In a previous life, she was the Art and Literature editor of the now-defunct Paper Droids website, which published articles on geek culture by and for women. 
Kroon, Ariel
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    Graduate Student - Doctoral

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  • Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life--Public Talk
  • Speculative Energy Futures Annual Team Meeting