Solvent Recovery and Removal from NAE Extraction Gangue

This project addresses the economics (solvent recycling) and the environmental impact (residual solvent in extraction gangue) of the NAE process.  One focus of the project is to develop a non-thermal process (e.g., use of a surfactnt solution) to recover cyclohexane from the extraction gangue so that cylcohexane can be reused in the NAE process.  To this end, the adsoprtion/absorption behaviour of cyclohexane on the gangue materials are stuided.  Another focus is to identify the microorganisms that are able to remove cyclohexane from the gangue materials and the conditions such microorganisms work most effectively. 


Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada

Phillip Choi


Salt-induced Phase-separation of Water and Cyclohexane within a Kaolinite Nanopore: A Molecular Dynamics Study

Phillip Choi, Monir Hosseini-Anvari

Scholarly Refereed Journal