Surface Science Hub for Clean Technology (SSH-CT)

The proposed three projects (interfacial dynamics, wetting, and rheology at elevated pressure and temperature; droplet dynamics; and anti-freezing/anti-icing strategies) are consistent with the strengths of the SSH-CT and its collaborators, as well as the interests of its funding partners.  The brief scientific objective of these projects is in-line with the FES's mandates and Universities of the signature areas, ie., Energy. More importantly, all three projects are currently ongoing with different researchers from various organizations. The successful outcome of these projects will harness and promote SSH-CT’s existing partnerships and fit into the Future Energy Systems deliverables. The proposed projects have logical and natural connections with existing projects within different themes and the shortcoming in these existing projects are addressed in the proposed projects in terms of access to the expertise in the field of interfacial fluid dynamics – with a necessary state-of-the-art facility. In addition to the necessary infrastructure, SSH-CT also has financial support from industry partners and EDT for complementary but essential activities such as lab technicians and research associates.