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Nobes, David


David S. Nobes PhD, BE(Mech), P.Eng
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
ph : (780) 492 7031
email: david.nobes@ualberta.ca
Web : ualberta.ca/~dnobes/

Nobes, David

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Dimensionless Heat Transfer Correlations Of Finned-Tube Radiators In Fully Reversed Oscillating Flow
  • Dynamic Modelling of Low Temperature Stirling Engines
  • Effect of Scaling Up Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines, 18th ISEC International Stirling Engine Conference, Tainan, Taiwan, Sept 19-21, 2018 C5. Nicol-Seto, M., Michaud, J., Middleton, S., and Nobes, D.S. (2018) Non-Traditional Drive Mechanism
  • Empirical heat transfer correlations of finned-tube heat exchangers in oscillating flow for low temperature Stirling engines
  • Empirical Heat Transfer Correlations of Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers in Pulsatile Flow.
  • Evaluation Of A Low Temperature Stirling Engine Using A Discontinuous Thermodynamic Cycle
  • Heat Transfer In Oscillating Fluid Flow Through Parallel Flat Plate Channel Heat Exchangers
  • Modification of an ST05G-CNC Stirling Engine to Use a Low Temperature Heat Source
  • Modular one-dimensional simulation tool for oscillating flow and thermal networks in Stirling engines
  • Non-Traditional Drive Mechanism Designs for the Improvement of Heat Transfer in Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines
  • Performance of ST05G-CNC Stirling Engine Modified for Operation with Reduced Source Temperature
  • Preliminary Model Validation For A Gamma Type Stirling Engine