Rational Design of Next-generation Lithium-Sulfur Batteries for Clean Energy Storage

The proposed project aims to develop high-performance Li-S batteries (LSBs) that exhibit much higher energy than conventional Li-ion batteries by addressing the shuttle effect and lithium dendrite growth, two major challenges of LSBs. Highly stable S-based cathode will be achieved through synergistic encapsulation of soluble intermediates polysulfides by designing hierarchically porous host and controlling interactions at S-host interface.  Reliable Li anode will be realized through tailoring Li metal surface by introducing 2D or 3D protection layer of carbon. Preliminary development of solid or semisolid electrolyte with excellent ion conductivity and stability will also be conducted towards future fabrication of all-solid-state LSBs. 

An Overview of MOF-based Separator for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Ge Li, Wenjing Deng, Xuzi Zhang

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Hierarchical Porous Structure Construction for Highly Stable Self-Supporting Lithium Metal Anode

Ge Li, Xuzi Zhang

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Realizing high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries via rational design and engineering strategies

Xiaolei Wang, Ge Li, Wenjing Deng

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