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Deng, Zhiping


Zhiping Deng is current a Ph.D candidate in University of Alberta. Her reserach interest foucuses on the rational design, development and application of nanomaterials for oxygen reduction reaction.

Representive publication:

  1. Zhiping Deng, Mingxing Gong, Zhe Gong, Xiaolei Wang*, Mesoscale Mass Transport Enhancement on Well-defined Porous Carbon Platform for Electrochemical H2O2 Synthesis, Nano Letters, 2022, 22, 23, 9551-9558.

  2. Zhiping Deng, Wanying Pang, Mingxing Gong, Zhehui Jin, Xiaolei Wang*, Revealing the role of mo doping in promoting oxygen reduction reaction performance of Pt3Co nanowires, Journal of Energy Chemistry 2022, 66, 16–23.

  3. Zhiping Deng, Xiaolei Wang*, Mechanism Investigation of Enhanced Electrochemical H2O2 Production Performance on Oxygen-rich Hollow Porous Carbon Spheres. Nano Research 2022, 1-7.

  4. Zhiping Deng, Wenjing Deng, Xiaolei Wang*, Ultrafine Li4Ti5O12 Nanocrystals as Building Blocks for Ultrahigh-Power Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes. Journal of Power Sources 2022, 521, 230970.

  5. Yan Dong, Zhiping Deng, Zhixiao Xu, Guangyi Liu*, Xiaolei Wang*, Synergistic Tuning of CoO/CoP Heterojunction Nanowire Arrays as Efficient Bifunctional Catalysts for Alkaline Overall Water Splitting. Small Methods 2023, accepted.

  6. Zhixiao Xu, Luyao Xu, Zhixin Xu, Zhiping Deng, Xiaolei Wang*, N, O-codoped Carbon Nanosheet Array Enabling Stable Lithium Metal Anode. Advanced Functional Materials 2021, 31, 2102354.

  7. Lu Chen, Zhiping Deng, Zhi Chen, Xiaolei Wang, Building Ni9S8/MoS2 Nanosheets Decorated NiMoO4 Nanorods Heterostructure for Enhanced Water Splitting. Mater. Interfaces 2021,8, 2101483.

  8. Wenjing Deng, Zhixiao Xu, Zhiping Deng, Xiaolei Wang*, Enhanced polysulfide regulation via honeycomb-like carbon with catalytic MoC for lithium–sulfur batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2021, 9, 21760-21770.

Deng, Zhiping