Bakhtiari Ziabari, Fatemeh
  • Title

    Graduate Student - Doctoral

  • Faculty


Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Best oral presentation in session award
  • Bioconversion of single-carbon substrates in fed-batch cultures.
  • Breaking the walls of climate change
  • Effect of copper on the growth of methanotrophic bacteria in a fed-batch process
  • FGSR Graduate Student Teaching Award
  • Graduate Student Association Teaching Award
  • Graduate Student Teaching Award
  • Introductory microbiology demonstration
  • Leonard E. Gads Teaching Assistant Award
  • Methane transformation using bacteria: an innovative approach. 3-MT competition
  • Optimizing methanotroph bioproduction through growth strategies and strain adaptation
  • Optimizing methanotroph biotechnology through growth strategies and strain adaptation.
  • Presentation to UofA Senate Plenary Meeting
  • University of Alberta 3 minute thesis (3MT) competition
  • Westmoreland Coal Company Graduate Scholarship in¬†Environmental¬†Engineering
  • Windsor Park School Science Blitz