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Olfert, Jason Scott


Dr Jason Olfert is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. His research is focused on developing novel aerosol instruments, characterizing particulate emissions from combustion sources, and understanding how aerosols affect global climate. Dr. Olfert’s past and current research is focused on particulate emissions from internal combustion engines, gas turbine engines, flares, and burners. He has worked on the development of the centrifugal particle mass analyzer and aerodynamic aerosol classifier which are sold or licensed by Cambustion Ltd. Dr Olfert has been awarded the Sheldon K Friedlander Award, Masao Horiba Award, and Fissan-Pui-TSI Award for his contributions to aerosol science.

Olfert, Jason Scott

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • An optimized reaction mechanism for methane pyrolysis
  • Analysis of the products and kinetic rates of methane thermal decomposition. Part II: Numerical models
  • Analysis of the products and kinetic rates of methane thermaldecomposition. Part I: Experimental apparatus
  • Journal of Aerosol Science
  • Kinetics of methane pyrolysis: An optimized mechanism
  • Nanoparticle Emission Characteristics during Methane Pyrolysis in a Laminar Premixed Flame
  • Preliminary experimental study of methane decarbonization using a laminar premixed flame
  • Properties of carbon black produced by the thermal decomposition of methane in the products of premixed flames
  • Properties of carbon particles generated by methane decarbonization in oxygen deficient gas streams