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Naseri, Arash


As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Alberta, I'm deeply committed to revolutionizing energy production and mitigating climate change. My journey in this field began with a profound realization: greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, are the primary culprits behind climate change. Motivated by this pressing global challenge, I embarked on a mission to find an alternative approach to harnessing natural gas for industrial heat production while minimizing CO2 emissions.

At the University of Alberta, in collaboration with Innova Hydrogen Co., we are focused on the innovative technique of pyrolysis, which decomposes natural gas into hydrogen and valuable carbon materials like graphite and carbon black. This process, facilitated by catalysts, offers a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of utilizing natural gas. Hydrogen serves as a clean fuel, while graphite and carbon black find applications in various industries such as electronics, tire manufacturing, rubber production, pigment synthesis, and more. Within this project, I spearhead the development and optimization of hydrogen production systems, leveraging my expertise in catalytic reactor design techniques acquired through years of experience in mechanical engineering and aerosol science. My responsibilities encompass leading experimental efforts, from designing test plans and fixtures to conducting measurements and analyzing data. This comprehensive approach ensures the robust performance of our reactors and drives innovation in hydrogen production technologies.

 Throughout my academic journey, I have been honored with prestigious scholarships and awards, including the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship and the Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. These recognitions underscore my dedication to academic and research excellence in the realm of advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

Naseri, Arash