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Sang, Lingzi


The Sang research group endeavors to develop future energy devices, such as batteries and solar cells, that can operate under extreme cold conditions—with applications for both cities and remote communities located in the Northern Canada. The group applies their expertise in surface/interface chemistry to gain deep access to the molecular level of energy devices in a controlled, air-free environment. Information acquired under this designed condition is not easily accessible, yet must be obtained to rationally optimize the performances of these devices.

This team is now in the process of establishing the Laboratory for Advanced Characterization of Interfaces in Energy Devices (LACIE) with the support of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and the Government of Alberta.

Sang, Lingzi
  • Title

    Assistant Professor

  • Faculty


Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Characterizations of dynamic interfaces in all-solid lithium batteries
  • In Situ Strain Measurement in Solid-State Li-Ion Battery Electrodes
  • Mechanochemical processing of W-substituted solid-state electrolytes and its effects on electrochemical performance and crystal structure
  • The effect of electrolyte structure, ion conductivity, and decomposition due to mechanochemical processing