Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A Novel Viscoelastic Model for Predicting the Viscoelastic Behavior of Synthetic Polymers using Direct Extensional Rheological Measurements
  • Does Polymer's Viscoelasticity Influence Heavy Oil Sweep Efficiency and Injectivity at 1ft/day?
  • Extensional Rheological Data from Ex-situ Measurements for Predicting Porous Media Behaviour of the Viscoelastic EOR Polymers
  • Extensional Rheological Role on the Viscoelastic Polymer Flooding: Unanswered Questions, Myth or Reality?
  • Investigating the Viscoelastic Polymer’s Rheological Influences on the Sweep Efficiency and Injectivity During Heavy Oil Recovery Applications
  • Modelling Reduction in Residual Oil Saturation during Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
  • Novel Viscoelastic Model for Predicting the Synthetic Polymer’s Viscoelastic Behavior in Porous Media Without Core Flood