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Gu, Jeffrey


Yu Jeffrey Gu joined the physics Faculty in 2004. His main research area is earthquake seismology, focusing both on seismic sources and on the crust and mantle structures. He has contributed to the understanding of induced earthquakes in connection with industrial activities. He also maintains long-standing interests in array methods and numerical analysis of ultrasound signals. He co-manages the Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network (CRANE), the first broadband seismic array in Alberta.

Gu, Jeffrey
  • Title

    Associate Professor

  • Faculty


Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A new appraisal of lithospheric structures of the Cordillera-craton boundary region in western Canada
  • Attenuation tomography of the Alberta basin
  • Crustal radial anisotropy in southwestern Canada
  • Non-double-couple components for induced earthquakes
  • Precambrian tectonic discontinuities in western Laurentia: Broadband seismological perspectives on the Snowbird and Great Falls tectonic zones
  • Seismic evidence for a mantle suture and implications for the origin of the Canadian Cordillera
  • Shear wave splitting discloses two episodes of collision-related convergence in western North America