Abdalrhman, Abdallatif
  • Title

    Graduate Student - Doctoral

  • Faculty


Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Degradation Kinetics And Byproducts Formation During UV/Chlorine Treatment Of Model Of Naphthenic Acid
  • Degradation Kinetics And Structure-Reactivity Relation Of Naphthenic Acids During Anodic Oxidation On Graphite Electrodes
  • Degradation Of Naphthenic Acids (NAs) Under Low-Current Electro-Oxidation On Graphite
  • Degradation Of Naphthenic Acids And Formation Of By-products During UV/Chlorine Process
  • Graduate Students' Association (GSA) Academic Travel Award
  • Land And Water Reclamation Approaches For Process Water
  • Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award
  • Petro-Canada Graduate Scholarship In Petroleum Engineering
  • Resilient Reclaimed Land And Water Systems Workshop
  • Resilient Reclaimed Land And Water Systems Workshop
  • Solar-Driven Advanced Oxidation For Process Water Reclamation
  • Solar-Driven Electro-Oxidation For OSPW Treatment
  • Treatment Of Oil Sands Process Water By Electro-Oxidation On Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA)