Xiong, Ming
  • Title

    Graduate Student - Doctoral

  • Faculty


Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Sequentially Electrodeposited MnOX/Co-Fe as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries
  • A Horizontal Zinc-air Battery with Physically Decoupled Oxygen Evolution/Reduction Reaction Electrodes
  • A Tri–Electrode Configuration for Zinc–Air Batteries Using Gel Polymer Electrolytes
  • Composition effects of electrodeposited Co-Fe as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
  • Current Distribution Investigation and Structure Optimization of Zn-air Batteries
  • Electrodeposited and Oxidized Mn/Co-Fe As Bi-Functional Electrocatalysts for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries
  • Electrodeposited Co-Fe as an Oxygen Evolution Catalyst for Rechargeable Zinc-air Batteries
  • Electrodeposited Electrocatalysts For Rechargeable Zinc-air Batteries
  • High Performance Oxygen Reduction/Evolution Electrodes for Zinc-Air Batteries Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition of MnOx
  • Saturation Behaviour of Atomic Layer Deposition MnOx from Bis (Ethylcyclopentadienyl) Manganese and Water: Saturation Effect on Coverage of Porous Oxygen Reduction Electrodes
  • Synthesis of Bifunctional Catalysts for Metal-Air Batteries Through Direct Deposition Methods