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Leung, Juliana


My research interests are centered around developing numerical approaches for modeling the influences of heterogeneities in rock properties on multi-phase flows in subsurface formations. 

  • Numerical simulation of multiphase flow and transport mechanisms in heterogeneous and fractured porous media

  • Data analytics in reservoir engineering applications

  • Optimization and design of heavy oil recovery processes

  • Scale-up of recovery processes and heterogeneity

  • Uncertainty assessment of reservoir performance due to geology, transport, and scale-up procedures

  • History matching and dynamic data integration


Leung, Juliana

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A geomechanically-constrained dynamic fractal wormhole growth model for simulating cold heavy oil production with sand simulation
  • A novel particle-tracking based proxy for capturing SAGD production features under reservoir heterogeneity
  • Design of warm solvent injection processes for heterogeneous heavy oil reservoirs: a hybrid workflow of multi-objective optimization and proxy models
  • FGSR Great Supervisor Award
  • Integration of data-driven modeling techniques for lean zone and shale barrier characterization in SAGD reservoirs
  • Integration of data-driven models for inference of reservoir heterogeneities in SAGD production analysis
  • Integration of deep learning and data analytics for SAGD temperature and production analysis
  • Progress on Optimization of Steam-Solvent Thermal Process for Efficient In-Situ Recovery and Reducing GHG Emissions
  • Reservoir management and advanced optimization for thermal and thermal-solvent based in-situ recovery processes - Joint Workshop
  • Reservoir Management and Advanced Optimization for Thermal and Thermal-Solvent based Recovery Processes using Scaled Models and Machine Learning - Current Status
  • Updates on development of real-time optimization frameworks and machine learning algorithms