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Zuo, Ming


Dr. Ming J Zuo received the Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1982 from Shandong Institute of Technology, China, and the Master of Science degree in 1986 and the Ph.D. degree in 1989 both in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, U.S.A. He is currently Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta, Canada. His research interests include system reliability analysis, maintenance modeling and optimization, signal processing, and fault diagnosis. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Department Editor of IIE Transactions, Regional Editor of International Journal of Strategic Engineering Asset Management, Regional Editor of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, and Editorial Board Member of Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, International Journal of Quality, Reliability and Safety Engineering, and International Journal of Performability Engineering. He is Fellow of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), Founding Fellow of the International Society of Engineering Asset Management (ISEAM), and Senior Member of IEEE.

Zuo, Ming

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A dependence-based feature vector and its application on planetary gearbox fault classification
  • A fault diagnosis method for planetary gearboxes under non-stationary working conditions using improved Vold-Kalman filter and multi-scale sample entropy
  • A new strategy for rotating machinery fault diagnosis under varying speed conditions based on deep neural networks and order tracking
  • Adaptive Mode Decomposition Methods and Their Applications in Signal Analysis for Machinery Fault Diagnosis: A Review with Examples
  • Adversarial domain adaptation for gear crack level classification under variable load
  • Aluminum structure crack length estimation and prediction
  • Aluminum structure crack length estimation and prediction
  • An enhanced morphology gradient product filter for bearing fault detection
  • An improved singular value decomposition-based method for gear tooth crack detection and severity assessment
  • Copula-based time-frequency distribution analysis for planetary gearbox fault detection
  • Decision-making Model for Corrective Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbine Considering Uncertainties
  • Development of crack induced impulse-based condition indicators for early tooth crack severity assessment
  • Dynamic model of a planetary gearbox considering sun gear crack with effects of clearance for carrier, planet, and sun gear bearings
  • Dynamic modeling of a planetary gear system with sun gear crack under gravity and carrier-ring clearance
  • Dynamic modeling of gearbox faults: A review
  • Dynamic Simulation of Gearbox Operation for Prognosis and Health Management
  • Dynamic Simulation of Gearbox Operation for Prognosis and Health Management
  • Dynamics Based Vibration Signal Modeling for Tooth Fault Diagnosis of Planetary Gearboxes
  • Early gear tooth crack detection based on singular value decomposition
  • Effect of sliding friction on transient characteristics of a gear transmission under random loading
  • Effects of friction and stochastic load on transient characteristics of a spur gear pair
  • Efficient analytical method to obtain the responses of a gear model with stochastic load and stochastic friction
  • Efficient analytical method to obtain the responses of a gear model with stochastic load and stochastic friction
  • Health index development for a planetary gearbox
  • Health index development of an engineering asset
  • Impact of Prognostics and Health Management in Systems Reliability and Maintenance Planning, Special Issue of Reliability Engineering and System Safety
  • Induction Motor Stator Current AM-FM Model and Demodulation Analysis for Planetary Gearbox Fault Diagnosis
  • Investigation of gear dynamic characteristics under stochastic external excitations
  • Investigation of Gear Dynamic Characteristics under Stochastic External Excitations
  • Investigation of the relationship between gear crack levels and impulse parameters using dynamic modeling
  • Machine-Learning Methods for PHM and Reliability
  • Maintenance decision-making models for cost minimization of offshore wind farms
  • Modelling factors affecting operation and maintenance costs of offshore wind farms
  • Normalization of gearbox vibration signal for tracking tooth crack severity progression under time-varying operating conditions
  • Prognostics of rolling element bearings with the combination of Paris law and reliability method
  • Resilience Optimization of Power Grid under Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Scaling-basis chirplet transform
  • Series: Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
  • Spectral negentropy based sidebands and demodulation analysis for planet bearing fault diagnosis
  • Three new models for evaluation of standard involute spur gear mesh stiffness
  • Time series modeling of vibration signals from a gearbox under varying speed and load condition
  • Tooth crack severity assessment in the early stage of crack propagation using gearbox dynamic model
  • Wind turbine power output estimation with probabilistic power curves