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Musilek, Petr


Dr. Musilek energy-related research focuses on the use of data anlytics to support design and operation of future electric power grids. He studies the integration of renewables and distributed energy resources (DER) in the electric power grids, concentrating on energy management of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems combined with battery energy storage systems (BESS). He also examines how meteorological conditions impact the energy production and consumption patterns, and the characteristics and integrity of the power delivery infrastructure (dynamic thermal rating, ice accretion). To deal with the complexity and uncertainty of modern distributed energy systems, he often employs high-performance computing and soft computing methods including neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computing and swarm intelligence.

Musilek, Petr

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • A Dynamic Thermal rating of Transmission lines: A review
  • Alberta Energy Conference
  • Ant-based optimal tuning of PID controllers for load frequency control in power systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Future Energy Systems (mini-keynote)
  • Assessment of Photovoltaic Hosting Capacity of Existing Distribution Circuits
  • ChainFaaS: An Open Blockchain-based Serverless Platform
  • Conference - MIT
  • Cuckoo-search optimized fuzzy-logic control of stationary battery storage systems
  • DAG-based Distributed Ledger Performance Evaluation: A Hybrid Model for IOTA
  • Data-Driven Methods in Electric Power Systems
  • Day-Ahead Dynamic Thermal Line Rating Using Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Dependable and Autonomic Computing Platform for Managing Transactive Microgrids
  • Economic optimization of component sizing for residential battery storage systems
  • Economy of residential photovoltaic generation and battery energy storage in Alberta, Canada
  • Editor's Choice
  • Energy Futures Lab Fellowship
  • Energy Harvesting Sources, Storage Devices and System Topologies for Environmental Wireless Sensor Networks: A review
  • Energy Management for Smart Homes - State of the Art
  • Energy.AI^3 Accelerator
  • Enhancing Power Flow Simulations Using Function Mapping
  • EPCOR/UofA Distributed Energy Resource Integration Study
  • ETX: A Flexible Simulation Framework for Design of Transactive Energy Systems
  • FES Event
  • Flexibility Platform for Community Energy Systems
  • Forecasting Photovoltaic Power Production using a Deep Learning Sequence to Sequence Model with Attention
  • IEEE Conference
  • IEEE EPEC Conference
  • Intelligent Methods for Design, Analysis and Operation of Modern Electric Power Systems
  • Intelligent Technology Stack for Integration of Distributed Energy Resources, Shaping the Future of Energy
  • IoT-based MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic Array
  • IoT-based smart homes: A review of system architecture, software, communications, privacy and security, Internet of Things
  • Land-Product validation of the MODIS derived FAPAR product over the tropical dry-forest of Santa Rosa National Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • LP-based predictive energy management system for residential PV/BESS
  • Market progress of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology: overview of the market development
  • Modelling Hourly Vehicle Flows by a Finite Mixture of Simple Circular Normal Distributions
  • Optimal Component Sizing for Peak Shaving in Battery Energy Storage System for Industrial Applications
  • Optimal energy management of residential PV/HESS using evolutionary fuzzy control
  • Performance Evaluation of Blockchain Systems: A Systematic Survey
  • Powering Batteryless Embedded Platforms by Piezoelectric Transducers: A Pilot Study
  • Predicting Weather-related Power Outages in Distribution Grid
  • Q-Learning Algorithm for Energy management in Solar Powered Embedded Monitoring Systems
  • Quantile Regression and Clustering Models of Prediction Intervals for Weather Forecasts: A Comparative Study
  • Reinforcement Learning based Distributed BESS Management for Mitigating Overvoltage Issues in Systems with High PV Penetration
  • RWTH Aachen Senior Research Fellowship
  • Solar Forecasting using Remote Solar Monitoring Stations and Artifical Neural Networks
  • Towards A Scalable DAG-based Distributed Ledger for Smart Communities
  • Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries: A Review of Use Cases for Microgrids and Comparison with Other Technologies