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Brown, David


David's research is primarily in the fields of Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics, Industrial Organization, and Regulation. His current work focuses on analyzing the impacts of energy policies on the performance of electricity markets and the design of compensation policies for renewable resources. This includes research that analyzes the design of retail tariffs to compensate distributed energy resources such as residential roof-top solar panels and demand response mechanisms; measuring market power execution in wholesale power markets; analyzing the impacts of mergers and market structure changes; designing regulations to motivate utilities to invest in distributed resources; and analyzing the impacts of carbon pricing mechanisms. 

Brown, David
  • Title

    Assistant Professor

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Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Addressing the Paris Climate Accord Goals (Keynote), Government of Japan
  • Analyzing Electricity Market Structure Changes and Mergers: The Importance of Forward Commitments
  • Capacity Market Design: Motivation and Challenges in Alberta’s Electricity Market
  • Capacity Payment Mechanisms and Investment Incentives in Restructured Electricity Markets
  • Carbon pricing with an output subsidy under imperfect competition: The case of Alberta's restructured electricity market
  • Carbon pricing with an output subsidy under imperfect competition: The case of Alberta's restructured electricity market
  • Designing Compensation for Distributed Solar Generation: Is Net Metering Ever Optimal?
  • Economic Society of Northern Alberta Annual Economic Outlook Conference
  • Electricity markets in transition: Market distortions associated with retail price controls
  • Harvard Workshop on Capacity Markets and Renewables
  • Information and Transparency in Wholesale Electricity Markets
  • Measuring market power and the efficiency of Alberta's restructured electricity market: An energy‐only market design
  • Meeting with Alberta Energy (Government of Alberta)
  • On the Role of Maximum Demand Charges in the Presence of Distributed Generation Resources
  • On the System Value of Commercial and Industrial Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage plus Solar PV: The Importance of Retail Rate Design
  • Optimal Policies to Promote Cost Reduction in the Procurement of Distributed Energy Resources: Simple Cost-Sharing Contracts
  • Optimal Policies to Promote Efficient Distributed Generation of Electricity
  • Optimal Procurement of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Renewable Compensation Policies, Market Competition, and Forward Contracting
  • Renewable Energy and Electricity Markets
  • Self-Sabotage in the Procurement of Distributed Energy Resources
  • Strategic Timing of Outages on coal Power Plants under Virtual Divestiture: The Case of Alberta's Electricity Market
  • The Effect of Default Rates on Retail Competition and Pricing Decisions of Competitive Retailers: The Case of Alberta
  • The effect of default rates on retail competition and pricing decisions of competitive retailers: The case of Alberta
  • University of Alberta’s 3rd Annual Energy Summit
  • University of Alberta’s Business School Energy and the Environment Conference
  • Workshop on Carbon Pricing and Renewables (Keynote), Waseda University Japan