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Irfan, Muhammad Faisal


I earned my MS vis-à-vis Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST, South Korea. Prior to joining the University of Alberta as a research associate, I worked in different parts of world in research and teaching positions (South Korea, Japan, Canada) as well as in faculty positions (Malaysia, Bahrain). During my educational career, I have taught, proposed and revamped various undergraduate and graduate courses. I have also supervised and mentored several undergrad and graduate students. I was also actively involved in different departmental and university committees to strengthen the departments/institutions.

I received the UK fellowship of Higher Education in 2022 for Postgraduate Certificate for Academic Practice (PCAP)/ Continuous Professional Development (CPD). I was also awarded the Microsoft Certified Educator certificate in 2018.

My research interests are related to syntheses of catalysts and renewable biomaterials and their characterizations for the chemical & biochemical processes and CCUS applications which include the utilization of natural and industrial wastes, reaction engineering, wastewater remediation, nanotechnology etc. Kinetic modelling and optimization using RSM, ANN as well as data analysis are also the main assets of my research interests. I have led several projects and presented my work as a speaker across the globe. I am the authored/coauthored of over 50 publications (h-index 18 and around 2300 citations) and am involved in editorial board members and reviewers of reputable journals. Currently, I am conducting research on biopolymers derived from poultry feathers, designing reactors for lab as well as pilot scale for water remediation.

Irfan, Muhammad Faisal