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Mirzavand, Rashid

Program Alumni


Dr. Rashid Mirzavand is the principal investigator of the Intelligent Wireless Technology Lab at the University of Alberta, which is one of the most well-equipped and well-known labs in IoT, sensing and ICT. In an Intelligent Integrated Sensors & Antennas strategic research project, with five industry partners in the ICT and energy sectors, he applies ICT technologies to increase efficiencies and productivity of many economic sectors including health, energy, transportation, smart building and so on. His current research focus is on the development of innovative Microwave Circuits for 5G, Integrated Sensors Systems for Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Health Things (IoHT), and Over the Air Measurement Systems for wireless devices characterization and evaluation. He received the NEF Grant Award 2014, AITF Elite PDF Award 2015, Honorable CMC Industrial Collaboration Award 2017, and TEC Edmonton Innovation Award 2019. He is an author of 70 journal papers and 66 conference publications and several patents in his field.

Mirzavand, Rashid

Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Capacitive Resonant System to Charge Devices with Metallic Embodiment
  • Capacitively Coupled Resonators for Misalignment-Tolerant Wireless Charging through Metallic Cases
  • Wireless Data and Power Transmission To SAGD Liners