Pilot Scale Production and Field Testing of Dry Water Enhanced Geopolymer

We will scale up the production of our developed material Geopolymer with Dry-Water (GP-DW) and field test on the Campus.  Ultra-low greenhouse gas emitter cementitious material geopolymers are not new, however, commercial applications have not materialized because of the difficulty of controlling their performance characteristics. We solved this problem by developing a GP-DW system. The dry water is physically in powder form but contains 92% water. We will produce our GW-DW  at the pilot scale and precast. The prepared pavement will be tested for durability during six months under real environmental conditions.

Dry water was produced with hydrophobic nano silica and then employed in this study to optimize performance characteristics of the alkali-activation of metakaolin-based geopolymers.

Pavers made by geopymers with dry water additive (GP-DW) is the final product which will be installed in a designated area in the University of Alberta campus.

End users will be producers of building materials. They have the opportnity to replace high green house gas (GHG) emitter, high energy user Portland cement.