Scale-up of Electro-Oxidation Processes

Electro-oxidation is a promising decentralized solution for treating wastewater, known for its flexibility and energy-saving capabilities. However, its widespread adoption in industrial wastewater treatment is limited by the constraints of traditional two-dimensional reactors. These limitations lead to suboptimal current efficiency, decreased treatment efficacy, higher energy consumption, and increased equipment expenses.

Since most industrial and municipal wastewater is conveyed through pipelines from production sites to storage facilities or tailing ponds, a novel approach would be to integrate electro-oxidation treatment directly within the pipes. This simultaneous treatment during transportation could revolutionize the industry by offering significant savings in time, cost, and space allocation.

Based on our encouraging results of lab-scale experiments demonstrating the effectiveness of electro-oxidation for process water treatment, the main objective of this project is to improve the technology of electro-oxidation reactors. This would pave the way for their widespread implementation and commercialization.