CO2 adsorption mechanism of potassium promoted hydrotalcite and its application in high purity hydrogen production

Elevated-temperature presure swing adsorption (ET-PSA) is a promising technique for high purity hydrogen production, which can reduce equipment investment, avoid sensible heat loss of syngas, and reduce energy consumption for heat regeneration. One of the difficulties in the development of this technique for CO2 removal is the synthesis and charaterization of CO2 solid adsorbents that requires high selecitivity and adsorption capacities at elevated tempearatures, adequate adsorption/desorption kinetics, stable working capacites and adequate mechanical strength. Hydrotalcite (HTC) or layered double hydroxides (LDH) has been previously identified as the potential candidate materials for solid sorbent. Based on previous colloboration and common interests on both sides, the current proposed project will focus on ET-PSA hydrogen production system to conduct fundemental research on the adsorption/desorption reaction mechanism and system process configuration of adsorbent.