Terms of reference on Event Sponsorship

Policy on contributions to event sponsorship


There are numerous academic, professional, networking, business development and research extension benefits to organizing conferences, meetings, seminars or other similar events. Future Energy Systems (FES) faculty may request resources for these events from FES. FES will prioritize requests for sponsorship according to the criteria below.


To provide guidelines regarding cash and in-kind contributions for event sponsorship.


Applications will be considered only from researchers and HQP of active FES projects.

FES Contributions

FES may be able to provide financial support or in-kind resources such as securing venues, creating a webpage, staff time to help with event organization, public relations, administration or information technology needs.

In deciding whether to provide resources to an event, FES will consider the following:

  • Availability of resources.
  • Alignment with the FES mandate.
  • Involvement of FES faculty members, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and other highly qualified personnel.
  • Benefits to FES such as recruitment and partnering opportunities and profile building.
  • Contributions from other sources.

Expectations and Reporting

If sponsorship is provided, FES should be recognized in the event program, signage and with a booth if available and appropriate.

Six weeks after the conference, a one page report must be submitted to the FES Office outlining the outcomes of the conference.

Application Process

FES will accept applications on an ongoing basis.

Please fill in the electronic form available at this link and submit at least 30 days before the event is due to take place.

Decision Making

Decisions will be made by the FES executive team within 15 days of the request.