Full Application - Project for recently appointed University of Alberta faculty (2015 or later)

Briefly describe the scope of the project. 

Identify the FES theme(s) that your research most closely aligns with. 

Future Energy Systems - Themes

List the objectives of this project. 

List the members on the team, their roles, and their expertise. 

If not, continue to question 10. 

Download the following excel file and upload the completed version using the 'Choose File' button. 

HQP Activity Schedule Template - New Professor Application 2018-19


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For each HQP mentioned in the 'Activity Schedule' file from question 10 above, please provide one measurable milestone for every 6 months. Only provide milestones for the first 2 years. 

For example, if the project employs two HQP: 1 MSc and 1 RA

1. Survey tools will be built in Year 1 by MSc1 and RA1. 

2. Data will be collected and analyzed in Year 2 by RA1. 

2. Report on data collected will be published in Year 2 by MSc1. 

Provide an estimate of required resources by completing and uploading the following excel file:

FES Budget template

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Identify the first key decision point, in context to the planned activities, that this project will face after which there is potential for a significant change in direction or scope.