Best Presentations Winners

With the conclusion of Energy Week 2021, we would like to thank everyone for their participation in the 2021 Future Energy Systems Research Symposium. Our community is enriched and enlivened by your intriguing research and commitment to sharing your expertise. We hope everyone in attendance enjoyed learning about the exciting work taking place in Future Energy Systems.
During each session of the Symposium, we invited external judges to assess each presentation. We are pleased to share the winners below.

Oral Presentations

We are very pleased to announce the best presentation winners of the 2021 Future Energy Systems Research Symposium
Alternative Fuels
First Place - Danish Dar
Second Place - Orain Brown
First Place - Hannah Tollefson
Second Place - Katelyn Le

First Place - Maggie Cascadden
Second Place - Stephanie Chute-Ibsen

First Place - Matthias Lottmann
Second Place - Sadegh Aghapour Aktij

Energy Storage 
First Place - Jasper Woodard
Second Place - Octavio Martinez Perez

Systems and Futures
First Place - Fatemeh Bakhtiari Ziabari
Second Place - Sonak Patel

Audience Vote for Online Posters

As well as our talented oral presenters, we also would like to recognize the winners of the Audience Vote in the Twitter Poster Competition. Congratulations to:

Mengnan Zhu
Yusheng Tan
Damaris Okafor
Jayranjan Maurya
Pranav Gupta