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Energy Systems Research Posters

Here you can find the complete research poster listings from all the talented students and postdoctoral fellows participating in the 2021 Future Energy Systems Research Symposium.

Browse through the diverse topics, and find links to each poster presenter's Twitter, where their poster will be available for viewing and you can ask questions and discuss the research!

Poster Competition

The 2021 Future Energy Systems Research Symposium is aimed at sharing your research with the world. How well you describe your research and how accessible you can make it is key to communicating research beyond your field.

Therefore, this year the winners of the poster competition will be assessed by audience vote. 

Each person can vote for up to three posters they found particularly interesting, impactful, or both! 


Poster List

The poster numbers listed below (No.) should be used when voting in the Poster Competition.

No. Presenter Abstract Title Twitter Handle
1 Sadegh Aghapour Aktij High-Performance Thin Film Composite (TFC) membranes for Energy Harvesting using Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) @SAghapourAktij
2 Evan Arbuckle Modelling Regional Hydropower Development with GCAM-Canada
3 Ramesh Arumugam Catalytic deoxygenation and Isomerization of Fatty Acid using In-Situ Hydrogen to produce biojet fuel
4 Fatemeh Bakhtiari Ziabari Production of renewable biojet fuels @f_bakhtiari
5 Kia Barrow Using in vitro bioassays to predict the impact of OSPW on receiving aquatic environments @KiaBarrow
6 Eric Beaulieu Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis using Low Loading of Iridium Alloy Catalysts by Inkjet Printing @lab_esd
7 Orain Brown Exploring biomass and heavy oil co-processing enabled by copper catalysis @orain_brown
9 Narendra Chaulagain High performance photoelectrochemical water-splitting through harvesting of plasmonic hot holes  
10 Stephanie Chute-Ibsen Composition and Optimal Sampling Time for Soil Invertebrates in Reclaimed Coal Mine Sites In Central Alberta @ThemStem
11 Jiayao Cui Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Zinc-Air Batteries Operating at Low Temperatures @MarkCuiUofA
12 Matthew Davis A decarbonization assessment of Canada's electricity generation sector @mbadavis
13 Jasper Eitzen Lowering the Cost of Water Electrolysis with Anion Exchange Membranes and Nickel-based Catalysts @lab_esd
14 David Garrett Effects of Coal Mining in Alberta on Population Health
15 Eskinder Gemechu Transition to cleaner grid for fossil fuel dominant jurisdictions: Development of a consequential lifecycle assessment approach @EskinderLca
16 David Gordon AI - based engine control methods for advanced combustion engines @phdgord
17 Pranav Gupta Manufacture of Porous Transport Layers for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolysis with Laser Powder Bed Fusion
19 Minza Haider Projections of cost of ownership; GHG intensity; and market share of vehicles in the passenger and freight transportation sectors @minzahaider
20 Linda Hasanovich Investigating the Effect of Heat Exchanger Volume on Power Output in a Low-Temperature Stirling Engine @LindaH_FES
21 Yingjie He Hollow Mesoporous Carbon Nanospheres Decorated with Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as Efficient Earth-Abundant Zinc-Air Battery Catalysts @Jay74179526
22 Mariah Hermary Free Shipping? Exploring the Protein Cargo Content of Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) in Methanotrophic Bacteria @mariah_hermary
24 Yueh-Hao Hung Effect of continuous feeding and pulsed feeding operations in fed-batch fermentation for bioethanol production
25 Sina Kashanj Experimental investigation of heat transfer enhancement in reciprocating flow by the implementation of axial vortex generator @Sina49893678
26 Somayeh Khajepour Real-time monitoring of Oil Sand Pipelines by Wireless Communications
27 Garen Kuffert Parametric Study on Flywheel Energy Storage Systems and Variable Effect Analyisis  
28 Matthew Labbe Atomic Layer Deposition of Transition Metal Oxide Catalysts for Zinc-Air Batteries
29 Marina Lazic Optimization of growth and polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production in the alphaproteobacterial methanotroph Methylocystis sp. Rockwell @dnamolecul
30 Katherine Lin Role of Halides in Renewable Perovskite Energy Materials @katherine_ylin
31 Jinkun Liu Completely Earth-abundant Sunlight-driven Water Splitting Photo Electrodes  
32 Qiuyun Lu Microlens-enhanced Photolysis of Contaminants in Water @lu_qiuyun
33 Jayranjan Maurya The techno-economic assessment of alternative materials for hydrogen production via photocatalytic water splitting @MauryaOmranjan
34 Daniel May Autonomous localized energy exchange: an economy driven approach to transactive energy @ENTAILgroup
35 Vidyanshu Mishra Searching new spinel compounds using machine learning approach @VidyanshuMishra
36 Omex Mohan Scale up study on pipeline hydro-transportation of agricultural and forestry residues
37 Michael Moore Hydrogen from water electrolysis: a combined experimental and numerical study @Lab_esd
38 Millawithanachchige Dulika Nayanasiri Compare Impact of Maximum Power Point Tracking methods of Wind Farms on Turbine Bearings @brendan_calef
39 Michael Nicol-Seto Performance of a Modified Drive Mechanism on a Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine @FesMichaelns
40 Christopher Nzediegwu Biochars have a greater adsorption capacity for lead(II) from aqueous solutions than hydrochars @nzediegwu23
41 Damaris Okafor Generation of Lipids in Microbes Grown on Mixed C5 and C6 Sugar Streams for Biofuel Production @damaris_okafor
42 Luis Padilla Study of multilayer arrangements of bifunctional catalyst layers for PEM-Unitized regenerative fuel cell systems fabricated by ink-jet printing @lab_esd
43 Thomas Patrick Water-use implications of low-carbon pathways in the oil sands  
44 Ambuj Punia Carbon Black and Hydrogen Production: An Optimized Reaction Mechanism for Methane Pyrolysis @Lab_esd
45 Saidur Rahman Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization of a Virtual Power Plant @foundSaeed
46 Mahmood Salimi Introducing a High-Pressure High-Temperature Testing Infrastructure to Advance Thermal Well Technologies @MahmoodSalimi4
47 Soumitra (Sam) Sarkar Flywheel Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicle Charging Applications
48 Tulsi Satyavir Dabodiya Assessment of Target Analytes Using Solvent Exchange Developed Immobilized Surface Gold Nanocraters
49 Xiaoyu Sun Unravelling the Interaction of Water-in-Oil Emulsion Droplets via Molecular Simulations and Surface Force Measurements @XiaoyuS51511507
50 Yusheng Tan Biomass production of Methylomicrobium buryatense 5GB1C using two types of advanced bioreactor operations @Yusheng_Tan
51 Diego Vannucci Chiappori Development and Application of GCAM-Canada Model for Future Energy Scenario Analysis @DiegoChiappori
52 Adrian Velazquez Osorio Examining the application of microwave annealing for the optimization of organic photovoltaic solar cells @Ad_Velazquez
53 Sen Wang On the role of coherent flow motions in the breathing of a turbulent separation bubble
54 Xi Wang A 3rd Harmonic Power Based Open Conductor Detection Scheme @Xi74788920
55 Yu Wei Specific Surface Free Energy of Ice and Clathrate Hydrates @YuWei30509203
56 Cerrise Weiblen Distinctive oxygen-scavenging genes could improve processing potential of Methylomonas denitrificans strain FJG1 as methane bioconversion platform @methylomonas
57 Nilusha Welegedara Analyzing the spatiotemporal variation of urban heat islands with land use changes: A case of Edmonton; Canada
58 Geng Xie Interface decomposition for solid all solid state batteries  
59 Chenyu Xu Enhanced photoinduced charge mobility and separation in the photocathode of Cu2O@rGO @ChenyuXu8
60 Xingkai Yang Analysis of vibration characteristics of a spur gearbox with multiple teeth cracks using dynamic modelling @XingkaiYang
61 Elissa Yao Novel Earth Abundant Catalyst and Photosensitizer for Photocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction Towards Solar Fuels @ElissaJYao
62 Mohammad Yousefi Bitumen Extraction by Using Non-thermal cyclic solvent process @MoYousefi1
63 Han Zhang Wind farm predictive maintenance considering component level repairs and economic dependency
64 Wenbei Zhang The Potential of Low-Grade Canola Feedstock for Biojet in Alberta: A GIS-Based Analysis @ZhangWenbei
65 Yihan Zhao Carbon Based Materials For Remediation Of Cadmium And Zinc Contaminated Water @YZ58044270
66 Mengnan Zhu Electrochemically Reconstructed Perovskite with Cooperative Catalytic Sites for CO2-to-Formate Conversion