Publications, Activities, and Awards

  • Early Development of a 100 Watt Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine
  • Empirical heat transfer correlations of finned-tube heat exchangers in oscillating flow for low temperature Stirling engines
  • Empirical Heat Transfer Correlations of Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers in Pulsatile Flow.
  • Modification of an ST05G-CNC Stirling Engine to Use a Low Temperature Heat Source
  • Modifications to Reduce the Minimum Thermal Source Temperature of the ST05G-CNC Stirling Engine
  • Performance of ST05G-CNC Stirling Engine Modified for Operation with Reduced Source Temperature
  • Preliminary Design of a Hollow Displacer for a Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine
  • Preliminary Model Validation For A Gamma Type Stirling Engine